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Oversize permits have been our business for nearly 50 years.  The Permit Company is the industry leader and the most trusted name in overdimensional transportation. We have main offices in California, Texas, New York and Missouri supported by satellite offices throughout the United States. TPC is dedicated to providing the most experienced agents in the industry to your company's nationwide oversize, trip and fuel, escort, route survey or traffic control needs.

TPC's overdimensional permit agents are committed to creating a personalized relationship with your drivers and dispatchers.  Our experienced agents take your order, work directly with each state, city, or county agency to obtain your transportation permits  ensuring your oversized load can be delivered safe and on schedule.

Sunbelt Cranes   
Sunbelt Cranes, Construction & Hauling Inc

14’2”H x 19’6”W x 291’L

483,000 lbs, 29 axles with Pusher Truck

The Permit Company coordinates the permits for Boeing Co. and Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp., SBSS

SBSS The $800 million Space Based Space Surveillance Satellite shipped to Vandenberg in July of 2010.

Supported by Boeing Co. and Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp., SBSS will detect objects in space with a sensitive optical telescope. The data will supplement Air Force ground-based radars already tracking the increasing traffic of satellites and debris in Earth orbit. The optical sensor will not only track spacecraft in orbit, but it will provide unrivaled insight into the missions and purposes of countless foreign satellites, according to Air Force Col. James Jordan, vice commander of the Space Superiority Systems Wing and the SBSS mission director. Permits, Escort Vehicles and Routing by THE PERMIT COMPANY.

TPC's Online Application and Tracking System

The Permit Company has developed a state-of-the-art online permit application system.  The web based application allows any trucking company to:

  • order any permit type in the country
  • store all necessary vehicle information for quick access and ease of ordering
  • Duplicate and modify previous permit orders
  • Order Pilot Cars
  • Check the status of permits

For sales inquiries please contact Robert King at rking@permitcompany.com or call (800) 223-7431.

For inquiries, screen shots, or functionality specifications please contact Derail Robinson at drobinson@permitcompany.com or call (800) 874-5512.



The Permit Company
coordinates with
Boeing to move
Air Force One


  Piloted Airforce One

The Boeing 707 that served seven U.S. Presidents made its final journey on June 21-22 from Ontario International Airport to the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California.The wings, which measured 92’ long and 35’ wide, were moved by stretch flatbed trailers. The 153’ long fuselage was towed on a specialty axle in the front and customized dollies in the rear. The tractor had 20,000 pounds of counterweight. The dollies and front axle had hydraulic rams built on to raise and lower the fuselage.Permitted and escorted by THE PERMIT COMPANY.

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